Fuze memory showing full when folder memory does not add up to full amount

My Fuze (4 gb) had 3 gb of pictures on it with just a few songs. I deleted all of the pictures to free up memory to add music. After deleting the pictures I added 2.27 gb of songs. When I tried to add a couple of more songs the device says it is out of memory and when I look at the internal memory it shows only 51mb of memory left, but when I go to each folder and add the memory of each folder I am nowhere close to full. Are there traces of the old deleted picture files taking up space some where and will reformatting get rid of those and clear up space?

I suspect you’re right, that there’s some kind of unemptied Recycler section. You could try CCleaner, a free cleanup software, with the Fuze connected. It will help free space on your computer anyway, whether or not it helps the Fuze.


Or you could Format (don’t forget to save your files elsewhere) and start again.

Thanks! I’ll try cleaning up the memory!