Fuze, meet my wall.

Well, hello there.  Yesterday was my birthday, and I went to Best Buy with my friends and got two things: A Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet in black and a two-gig SansaFuze.

The tablet works just fine and I’ve already made some drawings with it.  The Fuze is also pretty sweet, as I have put about a gig and a half of music on it.  The only problem is that whenever I try to add some videos to it, I want to chuck it at my wall.  I downloaded the converter, changed my codecs downloaded the same video at least twenty times (literally!) just to keep changing the format from avi to mpeg1, to mpeg2, to mpeg4, to mp4, to wma, to vlc, to avi and back again.  As you can tell, I’ve had about three or so hours of frustration under my belt and want it to end.  I need help, and fast!

You see, I want to put two videos on it; one that is about 5 megabytes and one that is about 19.  Can anyone tell me the easiest way to correct my problem and get them both on? 

Bit of an update:

I’ve tried disconnecting my Fuze and loading a different video:

With the SMC, I can load a video I made myself that is a wmv, and it loads perfectly.  Then I try to put it on, and it works perfectly, as well as playing almost better than on my PC (which I won’t even question).  Why must you hate me, Fuze?  WHYYY?

Is it possible the videos you’re having problems with are ‘protected’.  I downloaded a movie (wmv format) from a digital library last night and it runs fine in WMP, but media converter fails with an error asking me to install the correct codec.  I’m able to convert other wmv files and those files are not ‘protected’.

Just a thought.

Try converting your file to another format using AnyVideoConverter first, and then run that converted file through SMC.

I tried to add a movie that has a special digital disc for music players and it didn’t work. When I plug the fuze into my computer it shows it Rhapsody that it’s there but doesn’t show on the device. I also got the message about the codec. I have no idea what that means. Is it possible to add movies or not?

Instead of anyvideoconverter try the converter from www.effectmatrix.com .  It’s free and change your movie to avi and then put it through SMC onto the Fuze. 

AVC is free as well…