Fuze, Macs, iTunes and insidious ghost files (aka: "._song title" files)


Have not posted here in a while, but just got myself a 32 GB microSD and started fiddling around with my Fuze again.  Now that I have upgraded to Lion the challenges with ghost files (aka:  “._songtitle” files) have returned.  

To those using Macs and are new to Sansa MP3 players you may have noticed those little files that have no content and take up space on your Fuze and the microSD cards and all begin look something like this:  ._songtitle

I used to use KopyMac to clear these out, unfortunately the developer never updated to go beyond a PPC based Mac.

In any case, I have found an excellent solution that plugs itself into iTunes and any device you have plugged in.  It is called “doubleTwist” and can be found here:  http://doubletwist.com/

The cable connection version is free, though is donationware.  I have made a donation already as I have found this little application the one I need to keep my Fuze going.  Bonus is that it can also connect to Android phones and lots of other devices and can work with your pictures and videos as well.

Till later,


I’ve heard there’s also something called Hidden Cleaner that will zap those pesky ghost files into oblivion too.

Thanks!  I will check it out.