Fuze + MAC

Can I transfer tunes on my FUZE to my MAC? - need them on ITunes!

Assuming your files are all MP3 or another Non-AAC file type. There is an Ap available (Its free) that enables you to sync from Itunes. You also need to make sure your USB Mode is set to MSC. 

If you are in MSC you can also just go into yout Itunes music folder then drag and drop them on the fuze. 

Thanks for the info - I’m totally new to this - and don’t really know much about my Mac (or any computer!) - but what I’d like to do is transfer the songd that are on my Fuze - onto my Mac Itunes - so that I’ll have them on my computer.  My husband downloaded the songs for me on his PC onto my Fuze - because I didn’t know I could do that on my Mac.  I don’t have access to the PC now - so have a FUZE and a Mac but they aren’t hooked up.  Does that make sense?

Find out how your husband added the files to the Fuze. Also on the fuze go to Settings>System Settings> USB Mode and see what is selected. This information will tell us what to do next.

He downloaded on RealPlayer (?) - and the mode is MSC.  Thanks for your time!

Ok Just plug your fuze into your Mac, then double click on it to open it up. Then go to the music folder. Select what you want to copy and then hold the Option Button and click and drag it to the place you want to put it (If you do it right youll see a little plus sign and hear a noise when you let go of the mouse).

There may be an issue because you got the files through Real player, with DRM or copy protected files that play on the fuze but they might not play on your mac. Youll just have to try it and find out. 

Conversionbox - your directions were very clear and concise - thanks again for the help.  You must be right in that the songs are protected - but, hey, I gave it a shot.  We who know so little are fortunate that you who know so much are willing to share!  Good night . . .