Fuze, Mac, and Rockbox


Would installing Rockbox allow me to add video to my Fuze (v2) from my Mac (10.4.11)? 

I apologize if this question is far off the mark, but I’m hopeful. 



Get Video4Fuze

Thanks, Black-Rectangle. video4fuze is one of the programs I downloaded while trying to sort this out. Is there a place with very simple instructions that can help with getting it to run on a Mac? I haven’t been able to find any at my level of don’t-know-what-I’m-doing. My level of that is “not at all.” If anyone has it working with a Mac, how did you do it? 

I’m not in the Mac universe, and I see that the .tar.gz version also needs a lot of added programs. You could contact the program author through that Google page and get him to translate from geekspeak.

Or you could try Rockbox, assuming your Mac videos are in Mpeg format.