Fuze locked up after media conversion

After coverting from MP4 to AVI I copied the file to the Fuze.  I found it under Videos and launched it.  Now I have the Sansa logo on my screen and none of the buttons work.  It is FROZEN!!  Help!

Reset the Fuze: Push the power slider up to the Off position, and hold it there for 30 seconds until it turns off. It should turn back on as normal.

Did you try to hold the power switch for 10 seconds to reset the player. I have not had that happen but I have had the white screen of death and it is possible to live. If that still does not work wait until the screen goes blank (battery Dead) and plug it into the computer delete the AVI file if it will work and turn it on. And if that will still not work get a new one (only $60 for a 4GB) or get it serviced but that might cost more then a new one!

Thanks for the help

Welcome. Something like that always works on my fuze when I have problems.