Fuze isn't being recognized again!

My Fuze worked well for about 10 hours - and now it’s having the same problems as it was before I got it working.  My device wasn’t being recognized - then it was on " my computer " but Windows Media Player 11 couldn’t see it. 

I am 100 % back at sqare 1 - where I was at last night - and my device plays great what I got on there - but I’m unable to synch anymore and the computer doesn’t recognize my device.

Dude, I am convinced It is your computer. You must have an issue with USB support. Have you tried another computer? If it has the same issue there then you have a dud of a Fuze and can get it replaced, but if it works on another computer, then the problem is within your computer.


I just got back from Best Buy - looking at computers and other options for mp3 players.  The girl at the store said they sell alot of em - and she hasn’t heard of any problems with the Fuse. 

I may return this player for a refund and wait around til I see a good price on computer to upgrade to.  After I get a new computer - I can try the fuze expereience again.  There doesn’t seem to be any other players with the features of expandable Micro SDHC card like this player has.  For the 12 hours it was up and running - it was exactly what I wanted.  Music sounded pretty sweet too.

I may have another 5 year old computer I can try to install this player in over the next day or 2.  I got 2 weeks to make a decision either way for a refund.  Hope I don’t get tagged with a restocking fee - but I can live with it if I do.
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Try the local library, or a friend with a newer pc. And try that other old pc. I know my connect hated my last computer (It was 6-7 when I got my connect) because it was simply too old and the USB Support was not what it needed.

I hooked my fuze up into a different computer - and it was instantly recognized - and I was able to view the device folders on " My Computer ".  I was never able to look at the file folders on the computer that wasn’t working with this device.  So it was in fact a hardware issue. 


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