Fuze is refreshing something

I have just done the reformat of the Fuze and the memory card. Now it’s refreshing itself again for 45 min. What is it refreshing? There is nothing to refresh.

Doesn’t sound good. Try a soft reset: Hold up the power button till it shuts off and for another 15 seconds after that.

Soooo I dumped all the music and loaded it with Media Monkey this time, sucess!  Refresh is now 2 min and there is just a 1/2 second gap between songs. This is only 600 songs and not the 4,000 that I had in before.  Still no album art though.

This past week I was on vacation and with no computer available did not add or delete anything for several days.  At the end of vacation, the Refresh Demon took over.  Refresh normally takes me about 5 minutes (16gB card)…but now it kept cycling.  As soon as the progress bar was complete, it started again.  Soft reset had no effect.  I removed the MicroSD card and started again.  No problem now.  I added the card back in and the problem resumed.  Finally I got refresh to stop and got some music to play, but it was “choppy”.  I got a little “glitch” of silence every 3 seconds or so.  I soft reset a couple of more times and the problem has finally gone away.

I’m very organized with tags, there was no problem before the incident and no problem after.  Nothing added or deleted to card or Fuze before or after.  Weird.