Fuze is dead, how can I change it to MTP? Please help!

Ok so i had the same problem that other people were having. Windows could not recognize or even charge my Sansa Fuze. I have a laptop with windows xp and im running the latest version of windows media player (11). so i came to the conclusion that i needed to change my fuze to MTP mode but there’s only one problem…it’ dead. what do i do!!!

Buy yourself this: Amazon.com. Use that to recharge it, and switch it over to MTP when it’s done recharging. 

You need to charge the battery.    The laptop may not be doing this because it wants to conserve battery power.     Try plugging the Fuze into another computer to complete a full charge.   Or do the above and purchase an Adapter that provides USB power.   Google for “USB power adapter”.

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