Fuze gives low batttery warning and shuts down after database refresh

The database refresh seems to take the same amount of time as my e260. Afterwards it gives me a low battery warning and the unit shuts down. I have refreshed the firmware - but no change. Is this unit defective ?

Derek A.

Connect to your PC via the USB cable, and watch the display of the Fuze.  Does the display show the “connected” logo, plus the battery icon with lightning bolt (charging indicator)?

Have you successfully transferred any music to the Fuze?

Go to My Computer (Windows Explorer) and see where the Fuze shows up.  If the Fuze is recognized in MTP mode, under “other devices”, it it in MTP mode, and we can peek at the processor’s report of charge status.

Right-click on the Fuze, and select “properties”.  What does the charge (battery) icon look like? The numerical percentage should be displayed as well.

In MSC mode, the charge status is not visible.

It sounds like the battery needs a charge.  The Fuze battery needs about 3.5 hours for a full charge.

If the Fuze cannot establish a data connection, after checking USB status, it can get distracted from the charging operation.  The Fuze’s processor handles the charging operation, so the device must remain ON to charge.

Let us know how it goes…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Under Windows - while plugged in the battery shows zero charge. Yet the lightning bolt is there showing its charging the unit. As soon as I disconnect, it gives the low battery and shuts down. When I power it back up it has a full charge. I have run the unit for 4+ hours, so I know the battery is charging.

Sounds to me like its a defective unit. Thoughts ?


Let it charge until the screen on the player indicates the battery is fully charged.  If it still gives the lower battery message and shuts down, call tech support.  You might have gotten a defective battery with your unit.