Fuze freezes when selecting a track to play

I have a mp3 that I created by merging a bunch of smaller files. I used a program called mp3merge. The new file is 33MB in size and the track length is 43 minutes. The file plays in Windows Media Player fine, but when I move it to my fuze and try to play it the fuze hangs. The screen on my fuze freezes before it displays the entire “play” screen.

Am I hitting some kind of file size limit?

33MB isn’t a problem. But the tags might be–no idea what mp3merge does to the tags. For all I know it combined the names of all your short files.

Get mp3tag


Under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpegs set the Write defaults to ID2.3 ISO-8859-1.

Look at your file in mp3tag. Long filename? Long title? Huge Comments? Odd characters?  Anything else look tricky?

Regardless, Save it so it rewrites is ID2v2.3 etc., and see if that helps.