Fuze freezes on startup

My Fuze has been working perfectly until today. The battery went dead so I hooked it up to my PC as usual to charge it. When I turned it on it gets as far as the Sansa logo then freezes. I have to hold the power switch in the on position for about 30 seconds in order to turn it off. I hooked it back up to the PC and it was recognized once but now it is not recognized. I tried holding the power swtich in the on position for 10 seconds to reset it but it did not help. What can I do to fix this?

Take out any microSD card.

Leave the unit off. Click the power switch DOWN into Hold position–you’ll see a little orange dot.

Connect one end of the USB cord to your computer. Open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer). Hold down the << side of the wheel. Connect the USB. The Fuze should be recognized and pop up in Windows Explorer as two drives.

This forces an MSC connection, the simplest connection. Right-click on the Sansa Fuze drive in Windows Explorer. Go to Properties/Tools/Error-Checking and run Error-Checking. There may be a bad file in there that Windows can fix. If it asks you to Save Bad Chains or save anything bad, don’t save.

Thank you. Even though it did not find any errors it seems to have reset the unit to an operating state.