make no mistake, I was a happy and satisfied basic user of Sansa Fuse. It works great, clean sound and everything. It’s great if you just want to fill it with thousands of songs and play it. However, what made me register to this forum and post a single thread is my frustration with creating playlists and organizing folders. In that regard, Sansa Fuse is 19th century device. I just lost 2 hours trying to create single playlist in WMP, MediaMonkey and Windows Explorer and all my attempts failed. What is supposed to be a simple operation, is a nightmare for anyone who ever used any kind of software.

I consider myself tech savy, working with complicated software everyday, can fix almost any Windows problem on my own, I work daily with syncing files etc. But when it comes to creating playlists and organizing folders in Fuse, it’s a rocket science. Why is it that way is beyond me. Today when every software and hardware company on the Earth creates software so that a 3-year child can install it and run it, Sandisk is creating a device that pretends to be USB device, a memory device, but with no real features of a real memory device. The whole thing of creating and organizing folders and playlists is taken to a level where you have several forums on the Internet about this stuff. What is supposed to be a simple and most basic operation for any device is taken to a level of high science.

For this and this reason only, I would never recommend Sansa Fuse to anyone. What I am sure is that my next MP3 player will not be from Sandisk.

PS. Sorry Fuse fans, I was one of you just few hours ago!

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There are many different threads, all through this forum and others, that detail how to make playlists…and organizing folders can be done by anyone…so I don’t know what was so difficult for you. Have a nice day!:wink:

Want a simple playlist? The Go list you can create on the player itself is very simple. Just press and hold the center button to add a song, album, or artist to the go list. My issues with the go list is that there is just one, that it holds only up to 200 songs, and that a folder at a time can’t be added to it. It is quite handy though.


I sympathize with you and do not dismiss your frustrations at all.  It took me a while to get used to the playlists in various formats (WMP, MediaMonday, Itunes, etc).  But once I figured it out and got used to it, I worked with what I thought was the easiest (MediaMonkey).  But, this kind of problem is true for all software.  Yes, SanDisk could have made it better.  But you never know which engineer worked on what part of the software in what frame of mind and at what pay-scale.  You can only work with what is given you.  I’m sorry if you depart from the Sansa family; but in my opinion, what’s lacking in the playlist area is more than made up by the simplicity, elegance and pure sound reproduction of the Fuze.