Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

In case you missed my point, I’d like to be able to play the songs that are on my device simply by going into each of the:



I too would like the folder option, I think that’s the only thing I’m really missing.  I do however like the fact that I can adjust the volume while locked, so I can have it locked in my pocket but lower the volume easily when I’m ordering my Starbucks :slight_smile:

As an addendum to my previous post, I’d like for the Fuze+ to be able to read album art on FLACs.

I spent hours putting a cover.jpg into the folder of each album, and the Fuze+ wouldn’t read them.  Then I embedded said album art into the file itself using MP3Tag, and it still wouldn’t read.

I have no idea why this would be so, as the Fuze had no trouble with either.

How about some accessories!  e200 series had a great docking station with remote to play through a stereo system (and also recharged the device).

@synrgii wrote:

 All I care about is MY FOLDERS.  that’s it.








Touch sensor is SO frustrating.  I miss my old Fuze.  It was absolutely perfect.  Even the headphones were the best.  Sigh.


The original Fuze did not have Folder navigation when it came out either. It was added much later in a firmware update.

@synrgii wrote:

Touch sensor is SO frustrating.  I miss my old Fuze.  It was absolutely perfect.  Even the headphones were the best.  Sigh.


Mmmmm.  Interesting.  Kinda reminds me of this album…:smileyvery-happy:  :

When playing an audiobook in the old fuse player, you could not restart a file from the beginning with one touch if the screen.  It would take a small amount of intention to backup a few seconds.  With the fuse+ one touch of the screen can restart a file.  This would not be bad for playing music.  But if you are playing a 1-hour podcast or a 30-minute audiobook file this is a disaster.    Left and right arrow should work a fast forward and fast reveres.   A link to the book menu or podcast of the same type should be added to the option page (a tap a the center).  In short make the new player respond just like the old player.  

In a 9 or 21 hour book the times I would want to start at the beginning file is once.  Even if I do not play an audiobook for two weeks I need to start at the same place I was when I stop.

It would also be nice if you could opt out of the last 10 files played option for the music, podcast, and audiobooks via setup.  If I was playing an album, and go play a podcast, and return, I would rather resume the album, not the last 10 songs I have ever played. 

I purchased 4 fuse+ for Christmas.  Two of my daughters think these things are perfect.  They only play music or the radio.  I am happy they are happy.

Please sort Audiobook files by File name and not title, or make it an option under setup.  Being able to sort by file # would sometimes come in handy but many books do not have this info.   I would still display the file title or also make it optional to display Name or title.

This issue was raised in another request.

In Playlist sort order force Music go List to be at the top despite other playlist names.

I’ve used the Fuze+ for about a month now, using it exclusively with Rhapsody To Go and here is my feedback:


  •  Gapless playback

  •  Great sound (I use it with Klipsch s4 earbuds)

  •  Multiple disk albums are correctly displayed in artist view (unlike Fuze)


  •  Device unlocks itself in my pocket very often

  •  Album artwork is displayed with a large white border around it.  This is intermittent, a very few albums are OK for every song, most are not (have the white border on all of the songs or some of the songs)

  •  After I deleted a Rhapsody channel, and multiple albums, I needed to do a power button reset of the unit about half the time I turned it on, as it would just go to a blank screen and was unresponsive.  It seems to have fixed itself after a couple of weeks.

Overall impression is that I’m disappointed in the device compared to the Fuze.  It feels like there was very little testing done on the device, as the problems I’m experiencing seem really obvious, and I think I’m a relatively typical user.  I’m hopeful that Sandisk will be prompt with some firmware updates that will address these seemingly basic problems.  If that happens, then I’ll be very happy with the device.

I bought the fuze+ 8gb a few months ago, and I’m very very very frustrated with the device.

* The tagging reading is flawed, I retag music and sometimes the fuze reads ok, sometimes just “unkown artist”.

* The touchpad is terrible! Sometimes works fine, and other ones doesn´t response at all, or too slow.

Honestly, I doesn´t use the fuze+, it’s stored in a box, I’m tired of fighting with music tags, unresponsive touchpad, slow performance, erratic behavior, etc.


How about an option to turn off some of the sillier UI eye candy? I really don’t need to view album art whilst (painfully and slowly) scrolling through my album list nor do I need scroll bars or animated letters telling me the obvious. Honestly the UI is a total mess and is so slow that I now only use it in random mode. If I could find my receipt I’d take this thing back in a flash…

The most important request from me would be to make the navigation of this device less than a nightmare and to make the on/off button the lock/unlock function.

Edit - I should add that I am no longer the owner of the Fuze+ because of the navigation issues.  I was tired of fighting the battle and took it back to Best Buy who offered me a refund.  Bought a Sansa Clip on Amazon with my refeund money.  If I would have read the reviews of the Fuze+ before blindly buying it at BB I likely wouldnt have bought it.  However, I have had so many Sansa products in the past that I figured the Fuze+ would be just as good as the rest of them.  Not the case.

The main thing I would like is the background options to be changed so when we select our own photos as backgrounds they’re more visible, and so that they don’t get replaced by album art when listening to music. Currently the only way to do this is to play the music then go to pictures, which means you can’t use the skip/rewind etc functions as they no longer apply to the music.
Oh and I do find it a bit weird that to skip to the next track you can press right, or slide right to left. Personally it seems counter-intuitive to slide the opposite way.
I suppose a good function would be the option to remove the album art altogether and have just the song details in landscape mode so they can take up more of the screen and be easier to read on the fly.

After losing two Clips, I bought a fuze + for myself after buying one for my wife. She likes it a lot. I’m beginning to hate it, mostly because of the inability to create custom playlists with various artists spread out across folders. I’m looking at a touch or nano now.

Aha!  If you transfer your files in MTP mode, you can use .pla format playlists.  These are not path-specific like .m3u playlists used in MSC mode. 

When your music is organized  in folders, these can create “path” issues with the file structure.  If only computers could recognize the relationship between folders as albums in a collection…well, in MTP, this is exactly the case, since the protocol is designed to address the player as a media device.

MTP is great on a Windows platform; if you’re running with a linux system or MacOS, I understand the issue there.  There are playlister utilities available to help…perhaps you could try Media Monkey.

The Fuze+ is optimal in MTP mode.  I remember the headaches encountered with the earlier Fuze (same as Clip+) when building m3u playlists.  There will be plenty of suggestions available via the search box, check the Fuze and Clip forums for them.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 on the recognition of the newer version of the id3 tags.

Also, for the love of all that you hold dear, PLEASE add a Play By Album option. I like to put a lot of albums on, and then play them through, a complete album at a time, but playing all of them. Now, I’ve got to shuffle the album, hit back until I get a song from an album close to the beginning, then turn off shuffle and hit back until I’m all the way back to song #1. Not fun, and not a good way to do it.



when in an artist from the artist menu allow us to swipe/tap left or right to get to a song list and not just list them by album.

Two weeks into owning and 8gb Fuse+ and so far I’d say “not bad”.  I use my device almost exclusievly for audio books, course lectures and old time radio.  The one feature/improvement that would make the most difference is a new method for moving within a song/title when playing.  Isn’t their a way to have a slider like the ipod and many other devices?  Holding down and waiting for the time to scroll forward/backward is painful when you are looking at files of 4, 6 or even 8 hours.


add an option to add complete albums to the playlist with a single click

make playlists work - even without windows

24h time format

fix crashes

folder navigation