Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

DAB radio and a timer to record radio programmes for the next version.

I have used Sansas for years and for the most part, they are decent mp3 players, however, the following list outlines some pretty silly and obvious flaws that hold the Sansa back from being an excellent mp3 player.  I have been waiting and hoping that these issues would be addressed and fixed in vain for many years.

1 – The old Fuse would group the audio books by album.  That is, if an audio book had three parts, there would be only one selection in the main “audibles” menu, then when you selected the book, it would open another folder that had all the parts in it.  What happened to this?

2 – It would be nice if books under “audiobooks” where grouped as albums in much the same manner as stated above.  I have “ripped from CD” audiobooks and when I put them on my Sansa, then go to the audiobook folder, every stupid track for every book is listed in the main menu.

3 – “Audio Book” needs to be added to the genre that the Sansa recognizes and files under “audiobooks”.  This is a pretty silly oversight.

Listening to music on my mp3 player is a bit cumbersome because of the following things that should really be fixed.  This would require that the Sansa utilizes a customizable “now playing” list that just about every other music playing software employs.  This would allow for a “on the fly” type playlist.  The following suggestions would be obvious to anybody that actually ever tried to use this mp3 player to play music on.  And being that it is an mp3 player, making it as easy as possible to listen to music on it should be a top priority.

  1.  In the “album” menu, there needs to be a way to select an album then given the option to: 1 - play album now, or 2 - add album to now playing.  These options could be up at the top where the almost worthless “shuffle” is now on some menus.
  2. In the “songs” menu, you should be able to set your player to prompt you with the following options whenever a song is selected (as it is, if a song is selected, it immediately starts, messing up what you are currently listening to, and you can’t do anything to the song until after it has been selected…pretty silly).  Options that should be available anytime a song is selected are: “ Play song now”, “add song to ‘now playing’”, “delete song”, “add song to playlist”.
  3. In the artist menu, You should be able to have the option to add ALL of the artist songs to “now playing” or “play all now”.  Again, these options could be at the top with the “shuffle” option.  As it is, the stupid menu only allows you to go to the individual albums of that artist and select the songs from them.  Really lame if you have only a couple songs from several albums and just want to listen to all the songs you have from that artist.
  4. There should be some limited way to manage the “now playing” list, so that you can delete individual songs, clear the entire list, or move songs up and down the list, or to save the list as a playlist, using some date time auto-name thing (as there is no way to enter text this is the best that can be done)

These few simple things (that should have been obvious 6 years and several Sansas ago) would make this a pretty good mp3 player.  The way it is now, it is so cumbersome to use to play music, that I use it almost exclusively to listen to audiobooks which is a real shame.  Sometimes, you want to listen to a favorite playlist that you’ve made, but most of the time, I just want to create an “on the fly” playlist using the “now playing” list for whatever I’m in the mood to listen to.

I just thought of a couple more suggestions.  Unlike the last 4 that I made in the above post, these are only “would be nice” suggestions and not “really really need to fixed” suggestions.

Have a firmware update so that the new XC cards can be used

Have an update that allows the display to be lanscape so that more and all the file info can be shown without having to scroll.  This would be very nice and I don’t think very hard to accomplish.  You could have the album art the same size in center in the upper part of the screen with info on eith side of it and along the bottom.

The player needs to remember it’s position in the tracks, whether when we change tracks, pause, or power off. Just like the first generation sansa fuze did. Right now it is unbearable to listen to podcasts, every time we go back to it we have to seek around trying to find when we were. It’s a huge waste of time.

Also it would be nice that when we add mp3 files they are added to the media librairy. Right now I can’t access half of the mp3s I copied on the device.

I bought my Sansa Fuze + last summer and I noticed one problem with it. The clock don’t keep track of time. Last time I tried to set the time on it, I also tested what would happen. So I closed it, then restarted it and found out that the clock was back 30 minutes before the exact time. I am requesting an update of the player’s programmation so that it keep a better track of time. I also had this problem when I had my Sansa View (wich was on borowed time because of a program that was too old and a battery that was due to end, reason I bought a new MP3 Player). Another thing that I would like to be implemented: I put the album’s cover image in the music folder, to better identify it. It would be usefull if the player could detect and associate the album cover with specific images in the album’s folder.

Thanks for taking my advice in consideration.

Change “shuffle all” to “play all” like the clip zip, clip+, and Fuze

Wow how pathetic and uncaring of a company to read the same complaints from two years ago that I am having and I just bought this fuze. 

Turn on time still well over a minute.  Totally unacceptable.  I see this was a complaint way back in 2010 and you haven’t bothered to fix it?  Nice eff you to your customers.

Why aren’t podcasts seperated from audio books?  There is a folder for them.  What happened to starting up where you turned it off?  I can’t count the amount of frustrated times I have had trying to find where I left off a podcast.  I have broken two nails trying to fast forward or rewind.  The display needs to be better.  On my old fuse I could read which episode of each podcast, now I don’t know until which one it is until I start and that makes everything start at zero, whether I listed to any part of it or not.

You need a demarcation line on the lines to show you where to push for forwarding and rewinding.  The touch needs to be less toucy when you don’t want to do anything (have had it restart podcasts and I haven’t touched it) and not touchy enough when you want to do something.  The fast forward button always returns whatever I am listening to to the beginning.  Very difficult to get it to fast forward, then because it takes so much time, the screen goes black and I have to start over again because it stops fast forwarding.  And then I am back to the “oh let’shope I find the right spot to continue the fast forwarding - nope right back to zero”

Music - I use shuffle all (again I saw a complaint about changing to play all - didnt listen), yet when I start up after turning off it just stays on that song and I have to go back to the menu, take forever to scroll up to select shuffle all.

This player is horrible.  Seeing from the complaints for years, you Sandisk, have done nothing to improve this player.  That is really sad you don’t care about your customers.  The 24 hour clock was so mighty white of you to include.

What is the point of asking for feedback from your customers if you are just going to ignore them?

WARNING - Do not upgrade your firmware to 02.38.06 if you value your playlists or use Bearshare.

The 02.38.06  firmware release no longer supports various playlists features properly and seems to cause unit failures.  I am now on my 3rd Fuse within 2 months after the 1st two quit working properly immediately after upgrading the firmware.  The 2nd  failed during chat support while we trying to get the playlists working properly after upgrading the firmware.

I am suspious that  SanDisk agreement with Rapsody requires them to make firmware changes that make the unit  only support Rapsody

I found fuze+ can zoom photos,when the photo is zoomed,the photo can move left and right,but it can’t move up and down(up and down is for zoom in and zoom out right now).Can you add this function? 

I hope zoom in and zoom out using volume+ and volume- key,when the photo is zoomed, using up down left right to move.

Thank you!




I’m a new Fuze+ user and desparately looking for an option to play music in folders. I don’t care for tags, artists, playlists … I only like to play and hear music in a simple way out of folders.

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@traquegrua wrote:

I’m a new Fuze+ user and desparately looking for an option to play music in folders. I don’t care for tags, artists, playlists … I only like to play and hear music in a simple way out of folders.

 Get the newest firmware. It has this feature.

I have new firmware in which player play music in folders. It would be nice that I can set that by default player is always in mode to play music in folders (or by tags if I set that as default). So, whenever I chose MUSIC at start screen and hit center “button” of touch padt to go into options in MUSIC part that “folder” option is first option I get. Instead as is it now that first option is “artists” tag and I have to “move screens” to get into “folder” option. It would also be nice if, when use particular option, for example while player play some music, with pressing some command (center of touch pad or some other) to get into options for that function. For example, while song is played when hit center of touch pad to get into menu where I can change equalizer settings, playing mode, playback range. If you know how “option” button on Sony MP NWZ series players works, something like that. Some type of shortcut for most important or most used music settings while player play music, video settings while play video, picture settings while play images, etc…

And, of course, to be able to make real playlist, that is to include songs from different folders in playlist. And to be able to use “generic” playlists (like m3u, I use VLC player, not windows media player, and it would be nice if fuze+ could use generic format for playlist which many players can make, not to be dependent of WMP or any other particular player). Maybe m3u playlists are useable in fuze+, didn’t try playlists yet (I have player for 4 days only), and if that is case, I am sorry for not knowing. But from reading this forum I understand that playlist can not have songs from different folders, and if that is true, that is something which shouldn’t be case with any serious player.

It would be great if you could fix the horrible tag detection. Rockbox works just fine with my music that is in Ogg Vorbis, but the Official Firmware just bootloops. I have no other problems really. This player is much better than any Apple product. and I love it. But you need to fix the tag detection,it is very bad.

Audiobooks need to group by book.  My clip+ works better for books than my Fuze+.  Unforgiveable really.

Every book should have its own PERMANENT bookmark.  

Bookmarks should not be cleared except when the book is deleted from the player.  

Some players allow you to save a couple bookmarks per book, in case you want to go back and listen to something you already listened to without losing your current place.  Very nice.  

Book filese should sort alphanumerically by file name as tags are still not well enough understood/accessible except for by those of us who love MP3tag and similar open source tools.  

The touch pad doesn’t work very well – or maybe its just that it works in a sense opposite to the touch pad o the phone – I keep scrolling up on the Fuze+ when I intend to scroll down and vice versa.  

Love that the Fuse+ works with Overdrive WMA DRM and mp3s.  Thanks for that!!!  

Could we make the video part work with Amazon Instant Video / Ultra Violet so I can put a copy on my player for viewing without going through SMC?   

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I’d like for the navigation to be less touch sensitive and even go back to the wheel system of the last Sansa Fuze.

Does it serve any fundamental purpose to segregate media content on an external card from media content on the external memory?  I find it annoying that my music on an external microSD card is on its own special menu and that I have to go there to play that music.  It would be nice if external music (and video, pictures, etc. ) appeared on the same lists as the internal media.  I think the only special menu item for external cards should be slot radio.

After a year and  some change i tried out my :smiley:memory slot, and its starting to work again. first thing i remember was this thread. i had to see if it was still up and if i could still see my request of my problem, which was cool to see. Anyways i have been enjoy my fuze, once i got use to the touch tone feature i haven’t look back. i havent had  no problem with it other than the memory card slot which has apparently start working again. also i learn you can buff out scratches with a toothbrush and toothpaste, how cool is that, only if i knew that a year ago i could have had no scratches on my mp3; but some of the old ones won’t come out since they are ingrain now. but wow i’m long winned, just had to express my happiness that i can expand my memory again.

>  Get the newest firmware. It has this feature.

Where? Can you give us a link, please?

I spent an hour trying to find the newest firmware, but the highest number I could find was “02.38.06”, which looks older than my 02.38.06A.

@sebastianhelm wrote:

>  Get the newest firmware. It has this feature.

Where? Can you give us a link, please?


I spent an hour trying to find the newest firmware, but the highest number I could find was “02.38.06”, which looks older than my 02.38.06A.

Answered in your other post:


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Thank you for your reply, and sorry that this ended up being a cross post; I had forgotten that I had already asked this question elsewhere.

THat didn’t out.  New Fuze + earphones keep falling out.  2 pairs,  Can the hole just be too big?