Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread

A firmware update would be a wonderful Christmas present!!

Swiping looks cool but doesn’t add much to functionality, an option to turn it off and just have N,S,W,E and Centre tap and hold to navigate would be helpful for people (me) having trouble getting the hang of swiping… 

just don’t swipe then?

It’s hard not to swipe accidentally - we’re not all youngsters with steady hands.

I’m a youngster with steady hands and I still swipe accidentally all the time and skip to the beginning or next podcast and then have to fast forward back to the place where I left off.  I miss my old Creative Zen Nano+.  It was tiny and only held 512Mb, but it went through the washing machine several times and still worked steadily for six years.

Change “shuffle all” to “play all” like the clip zip.

Hi all,

My requests:

  1. Bluetooth capabilities. I use my Sansa fuze+ at the gym and I really hate the cords

  2. Make it easier to create a play list by dragging and dropping the music/audio files via Windows explorer to a sibdirectory called PLAYLIST

  3. Slow the scrolling down. I find it too fast

  4. The deletion of a file needs to be faster. When I deleted a podcast, I thought the Sansa had frozen.

  5. separate the books and podcasts sections. I found it disconcerting the first time to see my podcasts in the books subdirectory. Since then, I don’t worry about it.


I want a proper armband holder for the Sansa, I bought one from a 3rd company and the elastic strap is far to tight to wear at the gym.

Polycarbonite shells

belt clips for the various shells/Sansa holders


  1. can’t happen for Fuze+

  2. easy as pie if you use WMP 11 or up

  3. don’t swipe so fast or don’t swipe at all.

  4. not much can be done about that, why not just delate it from a computer?

  5. there is a podcast dir but not a seperate menu item.

agree with last point.

Alienkid 1o:

Thanks. Well at least have more bluetooth attachements available. There’s a company called Bluridge or something that does one that uses the 3,5 mm jack

Thanks again


That’s upto the other companies not Sandisk. Can you link that?

Hi all:

Sure here’s the link at amazon.ca



Spending more on this buetooth headphone jack adapter/transmitter gizmo than you do for the device itself ($90) to get reduced sound quality and only eliminate 3 feet of small wire to the earphones seems silly in my opinion.

Run the earphone cord inside your shirt if it bothers you or gets in the way at the gym and use that money (if it’s burning a hole in your pocket) to buy some additional memory cards. :wink:


  • Browsing by letter shortcuts.
  • An option to turn off the card submenu.
  • An option to display the battery charge left as a percentage instead of as a bar on the upper right corner of the display screen.
  • Display the volume as the number of decibels below reference.
  • Increase the width of the display area for song, artist, and album when a song is playing or paused.  It should use the entire width of the display screen.
  • An option to display the song’s bitrate, whether it is a constant bitrate or variable bitrate, format, genre, ReplayGain information, year, etc.—like on the Fuze.
  • A visualizer like the one on the Fuze.
  • The songs start ten-seconds into the music.  When the Fuze+ is turned on, songs should start at the beginning.
  • Extensive testing of an MP3 player before it is released.  Perhaps SanDisk should consider sending out prototypes to a few individuals and ask for feedback and requests so that the firmware can be improved before release.
  • Use open-source firmware—Rockbox.  If this is not possible, at least try to make the firmware as similar to Rockbox as possible.

What I like about the Fuze+ compared to the Fuze

  • The film strip graphical user interface.
  • The power button instead of the Fuze’s power slider.
  • The larger display screen.
  • Dedicated volume control.
  • The placeholders for missing album art—attractive designs.
  • Displaying the albums in italics.
  • Using bars for the volume indicator.  But number of decibels below reference would be even better.
  • The looping of all menus and submenus.
  • Radio Data System.
  • Switching off submenus.
  • Micro-B instead of proprietary USB receptacle.

Contrapuntal if you want something as close to RB as possible just go get and use RB!

I do wish they were a bit more open on firmware though and gave us info on how the new one is progressing and potential release week.

@alienkid10 wrote:

Contrapuntal if you want something as close to RB as possible just go get and use RB!

I use Rockbox on my Fuzes and Clip+.  If it becomes stable, I shall also use it on the Fuze+.



I’ve sorta solved the problem with wrappintg the wires but eventually, I’d like to get a blutooth headset to compliment my phone :wink:

I agree that memory cards are something that I’m looking into; but the 8 gig card that I have + the 16Mb Fuze is more than enough for my needs now.


Hey does anyone know if there is any chance I can somehow troubleshoot or fix my Fuze +. Somehow when I disconnect my device the memory card and the stuff I have on it doesn’t show, but when its connected to the computer it recognizes that the card is in the Mp3 and all stuff is loaded on it. I had it for months and it just start doing this. I already tried turn it on and off, and also taking out the memory card and puting it back in to see if it needed loading back but nothing happens it just shows the slot music icon instead of indicating that card is connected to it. Please resonse if anyone know what I can do to get this problem fix.

Call SanDisk Tech Support. If still under warranty, it may warrant a replacement.

One thing i would like improved on the sansa is faster way of locking and unlocking the fuze kinda gets anoying to hold it for .5 approx secs everytime i really wish that can be improved in the next firmware or something like that

@tekxy wrote:

One thing i would like improved on the sansa is faster way of locking and unlocking the fuze kinda gets anoying to hold it for .5 approx secs everytime i really wish that can be improved in the next firmware or something like that

Yeah, half a second is such a long time, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: