Fuze+ Feedback and Feature Request Thread


I’ve my Fuze+ since two days. I really love its design, the sound is great for music, and, for my part, I’ve no problem with the touch pad, which is for me very pleasant, soft and intuitive.

BUT I bought it essentially to listen to podcasts and free audiobooks, and for that use, Fuze+ is a nightmare!

OK, I can rename and re-tag the files to properly order them, even if it was not necessary with my old and unsophisticated MPman. But the worst is I just cannot listen most of these podcasts and audiobooks, because of constant glitches, it is just impossible to listen a book in that conditions. And I cannot re-encode each of them (I listen around 20 hours audiobooks a week, and my pleasure is to listen to them, not to spend my precious time to fiddle with them just to listen to books!). I have chosen the Fuze+ notably for the easy and quick “drag & drop” files on a micro SD, but if the files are just inaudible, it is not a solution.

I also agree with all the users who ask for an efficient bookmarking system in audiobooks and podcasts.

If these two problems are not solved in the next firmware release (I’ve installed the 01.32.00 version), I guess I have to return my purchase to Amazon, and search for another MP3 reader.

Hem… After searching and testing, I’ve understood that the problem I’ve with the glitches in podcats or free audiobooks is caused by… retagging with ID3 tags (throught GodFather, I’m trying MP3tag, perhaps it’s better) to correctly see author and titles in the podcast menu.

So, I know how to solve that: I just need folder browsing, as existing for the earlier Fuze. I hope it will be soon available.

Not working. In any mode.

Here’s what I want to be able to do witht my fuze +. I want to transfer my files (really in whatever mode I want, msc or mtp), So I have my albums organized in that way. Then, after files are transferred to the fuze, I just want to be able to create a playlist from the files that are already there. Nothing, not even Media Monkey, has been able to do this for me. I’ve even tried writing my own files from scratch, mpu and pla. Not having the ability to do this makes the device a fail for me, and I will get rid of it and move on unless the parsing ability can be corrected. I mean, even my phone can read mpu lists I feed it (don’t say why don’t you just use your phone, I choose to have a dedicated music player)

 “I just want to be able to create a playlist from the files that are already there.”

I can do that just fine with Windows 7

I connect in MTP mode and when the device enumerates, I click browse files and choose either internal or external storage (depending on where my music is).

Navigate to my song files and select one or more files either by left click or ctrl left click.  Once my files are selected, I right click and choose create playlist.  This automatically creates a .pla playlist in the same folder.  I can then rename the play list to what I want. 

After that, I am able to add more music by opening the playlist and choosing the “references” tab and will see the contents of the play list.  I leave this window open and then navigate to other folders in my player and select additional files and then “drag” the selected files into the music list in the “references” tab and it adds the songs.  I can also use this tab to re-order tracks.

Once I have finalized the list, I simply then cut and paste that playlist in the playlist folder in the internal storage.

One cool thing about the .pla format is that it can contain content from both the internal and external memory and I don’t have to have the playlist in the same directory as it was created.  I can also use both .mp3 and subscription .wma tracks as well.

All of this is done without once opening Windows Media Player.

I believe this capability is available on Windows XP and above.

Hope this helps.  I found this tip elsewhere and boy does it make playlist creation and management a breeze.  And I can do it all on the player when it’s plugged in in MTP mode.

Now I’m creating playlists to set up “live” sets from various albums, merge albums (like a big Shrek playlist of all 4 movies), or re-order VH1’s 100 greatest “whatever” to countdown from 100 to 1.

It’s awesome.

I bought the fuze+ a few weeks back because I was travelling and left my old fuze at work. By the time I returned from my trip, I was gathering the reciept and ready to take it back. It looked good, sounded good but listening to audiobooks was a nightmare with the new touch controls and the lock button. As I gathered my receipt and put it back in the package I flashed back to my old Fuze and remembered it was pretty clunky too. After a series of updates, it has become an awesome audiobook player. One of the best. So, I kept my fuze+. Thank you for updating and for reading this forum for the user ideas which were very good.I look forward to seeing where you take this one and I love the purple (which is why I bought it over some other brand the store guy tried to sell me.) I’m glad I kept it now.


The latest firmware, build 02.36.03, has an inproved lock feature, using the top power button instead of the touchpad.  It should be available via the Sansa Updater soon, but manual installation is a snap.

There is a newer version now available, build 02.37.01, with further refinements.  To use the new lock feature, press the top button for about one-half second.  Same process for the unlock.  The latest build improved performance of the volume buttons when locked (they now work when locked), plus the audiobook / podcast section has been expanded. -microsansa

Being able to click the touchpad on and off makes the player much easier to work with.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all:

I have the Fuze and I have it in 24 hour format.I would very much prefer to confgure the clock as I prefer.

I would also like to have the option to configure the date for NORTH AMERICA both in  DD/MM/YY YYYY/MM/DD (the ISO format) as well as the ‘English’ date format.


Create an “undo” method of sorts.  It’s all too easy to be listening to a long podcast and accidentally press back or forward.  I’ve somehow managed to do this while going to lock the device (I actually assume the case I have it in is part of the problem here…I grab on both sides to hold it in place while I reach for the power button and the rubber moves in just enough for the Fuze+ to detect a button press.)

I really don’t want to blame this on the case though, and I am okay with the device thinking I pressed such a button on occasion, but a simple undo would help so much.

This is the second post I’ve made on this topic, but I had an additional thought.

Now that the “press play button for 2 seconds” no longer locks the device, maybe it could bring up a list of tracks and time indexes for us to choose from.  Each time you navigate away from a track, or even start it over, the track and time index it was on before navigating away or starting over goes onto a stack.  Keeping 5 entries on the stack at a time would allow us to find where we left off even if there were a handfull of button-press accidents (such as it being in your pocket while unlocked or something).  This implimentation idea is just one of many though.  I really just want an “undo” any way I can get it.

Thanks for listening to the customers!

Maybe these have been brought up, maybe not:

  • When scrolling from Music (far left) to Settings (far right), can it be set to bounce back to Music if you are at Settings?  So you’d swipe from right to left while on Settings to go back to Music (and vice versa if you’re on Music), so that the Menu is a loop?  It’d be much easier to navigate!

  • Having the ability to create/save custom EQ’s for say headphones, car, computer, etc so that it is easy to quickly change.  I find that since my car’s stereo is much better than the earbuds I use, tweaking the EQ each time can be a pain to do everytime you switch outputs.

If any of these are possible already, just let me know!

I think that the issues that keep coming up such as sluggish UI, looped menus and folder navigation should be focussed on and fixed first, then start working on all these “extras” that people would like to have implemented.

Folder Navigation would be great. I have noticed 2 other things that I think should be improved.

  1. When creating a playlist the enter button must be pressed and held for a second and then pressed and held for another 2 seconds. Or you scroll to your selection wait 3 seconds and then press and hold enter. I think that it would be quicker for the user to simply make your selection, then press and hold enter for a full second.

  2. Sometimes when copying a flac folder to music, the song selections are in reverse order of what they should be. For example song 5 is 1st, song 4 is 2nd, etc. Note these flac songs have no artist, album or genre info. It seems to happen when I have say more then 20 songs (not sure about the # though) already copied over. I haven’t noticed it happening when the music folder was previously empty. Perhaps this issue will resolve itself once Folder Navigation has been implemented.

The combination of those 2 issues can drive me crazy when I am trying to listen to a piece of music in it’s natural order.

Thanks for the latest upgrade.


Apart from Folder Navigation I would like the Rockbox “Crossfeed” effect. The sound from each channel is fed to the other with a time delay (your brain ignores it) to give a “Speaker” like listening experience.

Bought the fuze+ yesterday, updated to the last firmware and am very happy with the device now.

The only thing which i regret, is the fact that it is not possible to omit the pattern from the background! I made a nice background for my fuze+, but it gets ruined by the colors from the patterns!

Please focus on solving the issues with sluggish UI. That is what is making me hate this mp3 player. Also please make looping menue. Also when I switch back to the last playist rapidly on this player it will switch back to the top of the music player which is very annoying. When I press the back button I want it to just go back to my playlist I was on, regardless. This saves alot of time so I don’t have to access my playlist again which takes forever due to the long pauses in the music menu. Was also wondering will there be a line out available on this player to use with an amplifier, that would be a great plus.

Head phone out+aux cable should do fine with an AMP. My borther uses mine with his guitar AMP from time to time.


I’m using Fuze+ about 2 weeks now. Here are my suggestions to features:

  • Looping menus (as was said already)
  • Right tag handling in FLAC files (album, artist, album image, …)
  • Folder view in “music” section (to be able play whole folder)
  • Playlist delete option (or some playlist management function would be great :))
  • Add whole album to playlist
  • Auto locking after some  time when player is idle (the time could be set by “setting” options)
  • Get information about track that is playing, i.e. filename, file type (mp3, flac, …), bitrate, …
  • Audiobook’s content is now shown as flat list of audio files (mp3), it would be great if the audiobook could be shown like the albums are shown in “music” section.
  • Add “jump to …” option when playing the audiobook which will jump to time set by user.
  • Support for “line out” throught some “settings” option (headphone out would be treated as line out, thought don’t know if it is possible)
  • When playing track, fast forward is activated slowly, it should “fast forward” a little bit faster

Anyway Fuze+ is my best player so far. I like the pace at which new firmware are made :slight_smile: Keep it up!


It would be a great enhancement if Fuze+ would read and handle the TPOS tag from id3v2.3 specs. (http://www.id3.org/id3v2.3.0))

TPOS    [#TPOS Part of a set]

This tag is very important for albums and compilation spanning over more then one CD. Every proper tagging program uses it. Original Apple firmware and Rockbox port support it.

Currently Fuze+ ignores it, so the sorting is borked if all CDs have same name without extensions like CD1 in album name (which isn’t a clean way to handle this).

That is true but it is always better to bypass the amp on the mp3 player and use the amp of the connected amplifier, this will bring better sound quality without having the amps confict plus use a lot less energy to drive the source you are feeding. This is true on my original fuze which I use the line out dock feature to connect to my amp. If I used the headphone out I would have to put the fuze volume on 90 percent and turn the amp up to 50. With the line out their is 0 volume used on the fuze and I turn the amp to 30 instead and it sounds better. (Fiio E7 hooked to sansa fuze via lod to car stereo)

Why don’t we just listen to good old music rather than whining?

DJ Bl3nd