Fuze external memory cards indexing ONLY when somethings is changed inside

An user who buy a microSDHC card, every time the card is inserted, the player make the index of the content inside, the time is variable by the content and the size of the card.

If the player would make the index only when the content card is changed, would be no time of index for who would insert the same card with the same content in the player.

I am sure this is by design and not going to be changed. There are so many ways in this day and age to change anything on that card. Many people, myself included, have card readers, or external card readers… heck you could even put the card in your digi-cam and chage the files on it that way. If you take the card out and put it right back in there is no way the Fuze can possibly know that it is the same exact card and nothing was changed on it. The only way it can tell what was changed… is to scan and read the entire thing.

This is true, but supposing that an user have some card used ONLY with Fuze, daily Fuze would be fastest.

But the Fuze doesn’t know what you’ve done with the card, so it has to rebuild the database.  Deal with it, it’s not going to change.

Do what I do, when you change the card, or add/remove stuff from the card or the player, set it aside while you check e-mail, or reply to posts on forums, or whatever.  By the time you’re done, it will be too, and you don’t have to sit and watch it, being annoyed about how long it takes.