Fuze does not keep my "top rated" in the list

the title says it all. After a while (a day or two) the list with my “top rated” woud be found empty again. I have been rating my favourite songs for a while now only to discover that they are no onger in the list. OK, I thought I have moved the SD card inside somehow and the library has to rebuild. But after a second time I found the “top rated” list empty, after I have aready sent and seen some 4 and 5 stars sings in it, I start to think there is a problem. Any thoughts?

I hope there is a firmware update for this …I have the same problem… It seems that if I delete a song off the player, and it doesn’t have to be a song  in  the " My top rated " it clears all my songs out of the " My top rated "… This is very annoying and I called tech support several times and they weren’t sure!! Anybody else having this issue??? Thank you for your time…


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Does anyone else have this issue??

I think everybody has to have this issue. I am starting to get impationt though. There are too many faults with the software of the fuze. But it is good to know that they can be remedeed easily. Let us hope that Sansa is working on that. 

Hi, I have just had my Fuze 8gb about a week now and I have noticed this problem too, I rate the song but it does not stay in the top rated list, not sure why, I am not sure if its when I turn it off and then back on again or if I delete a song.

Is it just me or do Sansa appear to be a bit slow with the firmware updates, surely this is a simple fix and should have been picked up at testing, its that obvious.

Anyone know when the next firmware update is due?

If you use WMP to sync in MTP mode, then rate the songs in WMP and they will show up on the Fuze. So if the list gets messed up, just re-sync and the ratings will reappear. (I’m not sure about Rhapsody)

Also, the firmware has errors because the Fuze is still a fairly new player, they will all be fixed!

Thanks for the advice but I do not use any media player to sync with, I prefer just drop songs straight on to the Fuze, so I would like them to fix this player issue, amongst other fixes like a search facility where you dont have to scroll through all the artist. Also an ID tage editor would be very useful as not everything I have is named correctly. 

Also when you are playing a song and click the centre button and its moves to the equalizer and then album art then next track, why does it not stay on what you have selected, it seems pointless having those options if you cannot keep them displayed for more than a few seconds.

Anyway thats just a few of my grumbles right now, hopefully there will not be too many more and hopefully they can work on fixes for them. I alway found creative very quick and responsive to users issues and wants.  

Oh, OK, then you will just have to wait for it to be fixed! It would be hard to implement an ID3 tag editor because they would need to make a keyboard first, then they would also need to add some kind of header editor…

The one about the information changing, I hate that, too, but it’s been like that for every Sansa, so I don’t know…

EDIT: Oooh, I just figured out that if you set the backlight to be on for 60 seconds, then it won’t change back for 60 seconds

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Agree. Ceter button’s implementation is very awkward.

I do not use any Media centers to sync either. I do not want to have a dozen of workarounds with a player which has been advertized to have certain functions. It si normal that simple things like those discussed here work as intended, and not after a two-month-delayed firmware update.

Well you can always pay more for an ipod and have to convert everything through I tunes.

My kids have ipods and after seeing what a pain they are I waited to find a player that would work with windows.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, it has a few quirks but they are working on them.

Im sure if anyone wanted to buy an Ipod then they would of done, I w have had mp3 players long before Apple even released the Ipod and hate them and the Itunes, I know this because the wife wanted one and went against my advice.

I think the point is though that when you buy something you would expect things to be tested to a reasonable level, but its not to say the product is not good but in my opinion and experience firmwares should be pretty quick to come out and some things are not so hard for them to sort out, enhancements and new features are one thing but the standard features should work at release or be resolved as a priority.