Fuze+ does not connect to computer.

It’s either hit or miss, sometimes the fuze+ connects sometimes it does not. Also it’s taking a very long time to connect to the PC if at all.

It’s not my fuze+, it’s my fathers, but my sister has one and she has the same problems. BTW the boot time on these little devices is SOOOO long. The whole thing just seems broken, but both of them act that way, and my sister has already exchanged one thinking it was defective.

I had put it into MSC mode (rather than auto) but that was no help. He has tried formating the thing and the newest firmware is on it. What is the deal? Is this how they work?

Personally I have had the same original fuze for years, and until it breaks I won’t bother with something new… But a few months back I got my Mom a clip+ and helped her get set up for it (first mp3 player).

I really like the clip+ and thats what I will move to if I have to, but these FUZE+s suck. I hate to touch them (not a joke). They are unintuative, slow, and the touch screen just doesn’t like my fingers. Even if dad’s player starts working correctly I wouldnt ever buy a fuze+.

@ortango wrote:

… But a few months back I got my Mom a clip+ and helped her get set up for it (first mp3 player).

I really like the clip+ and thats what I will move to if I have to , but these FUZE+s suck.

Better be picking one up quick then, because the Clip+ is discontinued already too. It’s been replaced by the Clip Zip. Many people find it a step backward though, just as you think about the Fuze+ vs. its predecessor.

thanks for the heads up.

Is sansa moving through models fast, or do I just live in the slow lane?

SanDisk has been releasing a new model every year, typically in August with an average production life of 2 years or so (depending on stock reserves). The Zip came out last year, but there are still new Cip+'s available on in the SanDisk store and elsewhere. The Fuze+ is almost 2 years old now.

Guess I live in the slow lane :-D.

But anyway, anyone have any tips on the fuze+?

Hmmm, let’s see if we can handle a few issues I see here. 

First, it’s normal for the Fuze+ to take longer for connection than the Clip+ or Clip Zip, as the Fuze+ is using a different processor (which includes the USB controller ).  With a sample device turned on, let’s try timing the little guy.  The display blanks as soon as the device notices that it’s plugged in to a USB port, and relights…15 seconds later, with the “connected” icon.

The downside of these microUSB connectors, in my estimation, is that the connecting pins are very small.  If you look inside the socket of the Fuze+ or ClipZip, there’s a thin, about 0.4mm, edge connection.  Compared against the Clip+'s miniUSB port, the newer ones seem to require slightly more pressure to mate the connector.  I worry about this when breaking (probably a better word would be “disconnecting” ) the connection, as it takes a firm grip on the device.

It’s this “firm grip” that I worry about, especially on the cable side.  The Sansa is tough enough, but be careful that you don’t tug on the cable itself, but the end connector.  It’s easy to weaken a cable by pulling on the wire, rather than the end.  With this in mind, try using the second cable with the two Fuze+ machines, and see if the common factor could be a weak cable.

The delay in response is a normal characteristic of the processor itself.  The Fuze+ is using a Freescale processor (a spinoff from Motorola).  The Clips are using the Austria Microsystems processor, which behaves differently.

The other side of the coin is the computer you are making a connection with.  Depending upon whether you have MTP selected via Settings (either Auto Connect or MTP selected under Settings on the device), the Fuze+ may be trying to connect in MTP.  If MSC is selected, the device will connect in MSC, as well as the Auto Connect will fall back on MSC if there’s a problem with MTP on your computer.

You can see what’s happening if you first open a Windows Explorer window on the PC, and watch when the device shows up.  If in MTP, it will show up as a media device, with Internal and External Memory listed.  If it is seen as a basic flash drive, in MSC mode, the Fuze will show up with a drive letter assigned (E: FUZEP).  Do you see the device when plugged in?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: