Fuze - "device malfuntion" in usb port.

I was going through some of the posts here and just wanted to confirm. 

One person said that it would be the device cable and to get a new one.

Is it for sure that it’s the device cable though? The battery was too low and it was working for a few minutes connected to the port, until it completely kerplunked.  And, it’s only a couple weeks old.

Is this normal for Fuze to do?

If it’s that new, take it back and replace it–and make sure you get another cable, because there’s a pretty good chance it’s just  the cable. But no, this is not normal.

Or call 1-866-SANDISK to arrange for a replacement under the warranty.

What if the player isnt new? iv had several do this. since the computer doesnt see the player in any mode it assigns it as “unknown device” as such it doesnt assign it a driver. in this state sansa updater doesnt see it either and cant update the firmware. Is there any way to update the driver without using the drag and drop method or the updater?

Vista 64 bit

The driver is either the standard Windows USB driver or the MTP driver in Windows Media Player 10 or above.

In Device Manager, Uninstall (not Disable) the Unknown Device.



Connect the USB cord to the computer (not the unit yet).

With the unit off, push the power button down to Hold position, showing an orange dot. Open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer.) Hold down the << side of the wheel and keep holding it as you connect the cord.

It should pop up in Windows, be detected as a standard USB device and you’ll be back in business.