Fuze Database: How it works....

Hey there - I’d like to know how the Fuze database works in detail.

when rating a song, how i will be it recognized? Path? filename? Tag? Hash(File or file+tag)?

(Can I transfer Songs from MTP to MSC and vice-versa without loosing the rating?)

Are ratings still stored in the database after deleting the corresponding file? (because it may be copied to the Fuze again)

Can I access the ratings of my Songs via my PC?

thank you

I believe the ‘ratings’ can only be used in MTP mode and are stored internally somewhere behind a hidden partition on the player. They cannot be accessed via your computer.

well, some kind of DB file is visible when using MSC Mode - and I can rate songs even if they’re not in MTP folder?!

Yes, there is a database file (MTABLE.SYS) file visible when you’re connected in MSC mode. But the ratings are not stored in that file (as far as I know).

There is no MTP ‘folder’. That is the alternate connection mode. I’m sure you can rate songs on your player, even if they were loaded in MSC mode. But as I understand it, those ratings will be lost when you re-connect to your computer and maybe add or delete some content. The ratings will only be saved if you use MTP mode.

But then, I’m only citing what I remember from reading other posts on the subject here. I don’t use the rating system; it’s a worthless feature as far as I’m concerned. I don’t put anything on my players I don’t like, so why would I want (or need) to ‘rate’ them.

My suggestion would be to use the Search function here on the forum and pour through what has already been written and discussed on the subject.