Fuze connection problems on computer and dock

I spent 25 minutes trying to get my Fuze to connect to my laptop.  After following suggestions on the Internet, and updating firmware, it finally connected and I was able to load songs.

Now I’m at my office and I’ve spent another 25 minutes trying to get it to play on the dock.  It just says “Connected.”  

I’ve had this thing for almost a year with some problems here and there, and now I have to troubleshoot it seems like every time I want to plug it in.  What’s wrong with this thing?

I bet the problem is with you and not the Fuze or the dock. I bet you’ve got the dock connected to your work PC via a USB cable? Which explains why it says “connected”. So it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to. If you even spent 5 minutes searching on this forum - you’d know that you can’t connect the Fuze to your PC and have it play. To have it play off the dock, the dock should be connected to a USB charger instead of a PC. In otherwards, an AC adapter with a USB port on one end. If you don’t already have one, it can be purchased for about $3 shipped.