Fuze Charging?

Is it ok to just plug the Fuze in the computer and forget about it? I’m assuming I don’t need to watch it’s state of charge and disconnect it as soon as it’s done… I;m asking also because I just got a USB wall charger that had two usb charging ports and wonder if I can just plug in both player we have say over night and not have to worry about over charging them?  George

The Fuze’s processor handles charging automatically, so you can’t overcharge the machine.

The display automatically turns off after one hour, so it’s OK to leave the device plugged in.  My only concern is the computer itself, as Windows has a habit of losing its mind every now and again.

I have heard of computers hanging up on reboot, because the PC is trying to boot from the USB drive.  Be sure to check your boot settings on the PC if this is the case.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Bob, Thanks for the reply!  That answers my question. I never thought of the computer deciding to re boot it self. Yep my computer had sure done that before right before my eyes! More then likely I would never leave it charging over night while plugged into my computer. I would leave it charging over night sometimes with the in wall usb charger… Good to know that the Fuze handles it’s it’s charging state. I am still amazed with the totally awesome sound this thing has!

Thanks again! George

WiMP11 is my personal PC poltergeist.

Last night, my wife was playing Warcraft with friends, and Juice decided it was time to wake up and look for podcasts,despite the scheduler being currently off.  She was in the middle of battle at the time.

I had a look, and lo and behold, wmplayer.exe was active this morning.

Glitches make Windows fun, never the same day twice!

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: