Fuze Charging - Goes into play mode.

The Fuze is off when I plug in the wall charger. It turns on and starts playing. Why does it do this? If I want it on I will turn it on. Anyway to prevent this?

Yes, it is a minor issue. but…

It’s just the way it is.  Plugging it in to your computer’s USB port automatically turns the player on, too, but since it’s in a data transfer mode it doesn’t start playing. Plugging into the wall charger turns it on, but it’s just *on*, no data transfer mode, so off it goes. 

I’ve lost my place in more audiobooks than I care to admit by plugging into the wall charger, however, I take advantage of this same behavior all the time with my car charger:  I intentionally turn on my player by plugging it into the the car charger & listen to it while it charges.

My husband always hits “Pause” when he’s done listening, so he wouldn’t have this problem (actually, I don’t think he ever really turns his Fuze off, he just relies on the auto-shutoff). When he powers it up, it never starts doing anything automatically.