Fuze+ Charged, Unplugged, Cannot Turn On

I just charged my Fuze+ using my desktop.  It took about 30 mins to recognise it and to power it on, then it charged until the Lightning Bolt appeared.  I unplugged it, the screen went black, now it will not power on at all. 

I have Windows XP Pro in case that is relevant, also Media Player 11, and it was connected in MTP mode. I have the latest Firmware too.

Tried resetting it multiple times when unplugged, but nothing showed. I am not sure if it is supposed to?  However even 20 minutes later nothing happens when I try and power on.

I now have it plugged into a mains USB charger, which took a few minutes before the screen came on, and now it’s showing a large image of a battery with the word “charging” underneath.  The left of the battery shows a vertical red bar which is about 5% of the battery.  Does that mean it’s 5% charged?  According to the PC it was fully charged (Lightning Bolt).

I only purchased it in July and haven’t used it more than about 20 times.  Any ideas about what to do next?

For now I am going to leave it charging to see if anything changes, but if the Red Bar means it’s almost dead, then I assume it’s a battery issue.

If it does need to be returned, I purchased it from eBay as new and not from a store.  Would this cause a problem?

Updated 5 mins later…

The screen has now gone off and there is no sign of life.

I left it several minutes, then tried powering on with it still plugged in, but nothing happened.  Leaving it plugged in, just in case it needs to charge more or in case something else happens.

have you gotten any help with this problem? I just got one today, and no luck turning it on. when it’s plugged in, it shows the lightening bolt on a green battery, and says it’s connected, but after I unplug it, it’s dead. it’s been charging all afternoon. Just wondering if you ever got it figured out, because I’m getting nowhere with customer service.

I have seen every changing method fail at least once.  I have tried something else and the unit has come back to life.  Get a  car charger or an AC charger and try again.  Try another computer.   Your first computer may work fine once you get over this bump in the road.