Fuze... Both drives do not show up in WINAMP from Player

When I plug in my FUZE into the USB, it shows I’m connecting a Fuze player, but in MEDIA LIBRARY> PORTABLES> it only lists the two video folders and no two drives…I have the onboard 2GB and 8GB memory stick, but it shows both drives with 0 capacity, the one with 228 songs and the other with 1128 songs, but I can’t seem to edit either one.  I’ve tried plugging it in one at a time using all three Fuze’s USB MODE settings, AUTO DETECT, MTP, and MSC.

How many times do I have to format and take the time to re-install all the 10GB songs!!!  This is crazy!  I also have problems with duplicate songs on my player.

No one is forcing you to use Winamp. Try Media Monkey.

Or ask in Winamp’s user forum if you are dead-set on using it. 

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or just use YAPL :wink:


fuze needs to be in MSC mode 

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