Fuze book page mark

I haven’t found a good way to keep my place in a book other than pressing stop then turn the player off.  This is not satisfactory.  Whenever I try other function, like switching to music for a while and back, the book resumes at the begining.    Is there any way to put in a “hard” book mark?   Running all chapters together, as some have suggested, is not acceptable either.   I would even like to keep book marks in serveral books at a the same time.

If the audiobook is in the audiobooks folder, or on a memory card and has the genre audiobook, then the player autobookmarks your place in the file. The problem is that if there are many files for the book, you need to remember which file you were in the middle of. I previously suggested that there should be a return to audiobook and a return to podcast function that keeps track of the last audiobook or pocast file that was being played, so that one can resume it without knowing the name of it.