FUZE: Blank screen in HOLD position

In HOLD position, when a button is pressed, the screen wakes up with a lock icon. Is this necessary? When I work on the car with FUZE in the pocket, the big wheel gets pressed quite often. Each time the screen comes on and drains battery.I wish the screen remained blank. 

How else is it supposed to inform you that you have the HOLD button on? If the screen remains dark, many would think it’s malfunctioning.

Set your backlight time to the lowest time setting. This will keep the battery drain to a minimum.

I have another mp3 player. It does nothing in HOLD. Music is playing but screen is doing nothing. What else can it be? 

By the way, my Fuze is slightly malfunctioning. If I set the screen-on time less than 15 seconds, it turns off the screen and the player simultaneously.