Fuze balancing out volume :(

I find that the Fuze is “balancing” out the volume for my songs. I am not talking about Replay gain (that is off and a good feature to have between songs if I can fix this…), but within a song itself it tends to make the whole thing close to the same volume. This is very upsetting because I just purchased the Fuze yesterday and I do like it (there are some features missing but nothing I can’t live without), but this is the only problem! Can I disable this somehow? I listen to classical music and having a dynamic volume is a big part of the music, otherwise it sounds kind of dull/dampened and not good at all :frowning:

EDIT: Also, the Sansa Media Converter keeps crashing on me… Any ideas? I thought this was a really great player but already I am having doubts :/ 

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Sansa Media Converter is shall we say substandard. Luckily there are user-made programs that work better: video4fuze and fuzevidz.


I am suprised that you hear the Fuze compressing the dynamics of classical pieces. That just seems way too sophisticated for something as minimal as the Fuze.

Could you upload an mp3 file that has a lot of dynamics, and that you hear being compressed, to someplace like yousendit.com or sendspace.com?  Give it a gibberish name so it can’t be searched, and make it a password-protected .zip file to avoid the copyright police. Then send me a PM with the link and password.  I’d like to hear this effect on my Fuze. 

Thanks for the help, I’m trying out video4fuze right now. Ironically, the music EQ was set to Classical which ended up producing this effect. Changed it to normal and sounds perfect now :slight_smile: