Fuze Backlighting

add the “always on” option to the choices. and maybe… combine all of the backlighting options into a user selectable limit including “always on”. maybe an option for backlighting to be on when plugged in would be good too.

Yes this would be great so that way when it’s plugged in a charging it will equally be discharging all of it’s battery through the backlight. This way you would get about an hour’s worth of battery from the player and would never be able to recharge.

I would also like to see this added as another option.

Thank you.

+1 on the always on option for the backlight. Maybe you could enable this function only when plugged in.

I would like to see separate backlight settings for music, photo display, and video. I normally keep the setting at the lowest to conserve battery power, but then photos appear too dark. I don’t want to have to raise it just to view photos then lower it back again.