Fuze automatically "double-clicks"


I’ve had my Fuze for 3 years and this problem first appeared several months ago. It rarely happened back then but now it’s happening very frequently. When I click the middle button to select something, the device “double-clicks” and clicks once for what I selected and once more.

For example: I click “Radiohead”. The device displays “Play All” along with all their albums for less than a second and then automatically selects “Play All”.(Even though I only pressed the middle button once).

Another example: I click the down button when playing a song, which opens up various options such as “back to music list”, “add song to go list”, “rate song” etc. I select “back to music list” and the device shows the song list very briefly before re-starting the song as if I had clicked the song that was playing.

Hope that made sense!