Fuze+ and Podcasts

I am looking to purchase the Fuze+. I am interested in using it for podcasts,and wondering how well it works. Also what should I use as a podcast client to get the podcasts on the player.


It works great with podcasts, allowing navigation either asa playlist, or via the dedicated podcast folder.  I used Juice for years until WIndows 7’s debut, and fell back on using the Feeds function of Internet Explorer 9, then Windows Media Player to transfer my favorites to the Sansa.

Juice works brilliantly, the output folder name needs to be changed to make it work with Win 7 (simple fix).  Juice automatically cleans up the progressing list of podcasts for you.

Another great option is to use Media Monkey for your podcasts.  It also features simple podcast maintenance.:smileyvery-happy:

I use three separate devices for podcasts, the e200, Clip+, and Fuze+. 


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Thanks for the great infomation. i will be getting a Fuze+