FUZE 8gb won't play thru a usb cable, goes into charge mode

Is there a way to plug a USB cable into the FUZE and have it play thru it?  I have an FM transmitter in my car with a remote but it only works if plugged in with a USB cable. I use it now thru the headphone jack but would like to use the remote. I just upgraded firmware hoping it was a bug but still goes into charge as soon as the USB cable is plugged in. THanks

I dunno if this always works but I usually plug it in then slightly pull it out from one side, so it looks like a sort of triangle. If that makes sense.

I’m not sure what you mean by “Play through the USB Cable”

Inside that cable are four wires:

Two provide 5 volts, which will charge the Fuze but still allow it to play.

Two more are the USB Data lines, which will allow your PC to read and write data files.

While these are connected the Fuze appears as a storage device and does not play music.

There are no audio wires in the stock USB cable.

When I connect the fuze in my car I have only power connected, so it plays music fine, and charges its battery too.

Even when the Fuze is connected to the Sansa dock, you cannot play music if the USB cord is connected to

a computer. There ARE extra connections in the 30 pin dock connector for line out, as well as a headphone/line

selector and a few communications pins for the remote control, but the stock USB cable does not

touch those extra pins. So unless you have a Sansa dock, or perhaps one of the Altec-Lansing dock units,

you probably don’t have access to those.

I hope that helped.


Thanks for the comments Lyle. I guess because there was a USB connection on my FM transmitter and the only way the FUZE could connect to it that was was with IT’s cable  I thought it should play through it. This was a bad assumption on my part.  It plays great the the transmitter I just can’t use the remote for volume or switching songs. Thanks again.