Fuze+ 8GB w/32GB mem card crashes when mem card reaches 8GB!

I am a music man!  I use my Fuze+ only for music.  On purchase, using Windows Media Player, my Fuze+ showed 7.3GB free space on internal storage (some of this I think is used by Fuze+ firmware),  External storage showed 31.2GB free space.  I have loaded over 6GB on internal storage.  I have loaded 8GB on external storage.

When I hit 8GB of upload data on external card, mayhem ensues!  The Fuze+ music library gets totally hosed!  Files get split into fragments!  Most file fragments show text in Chinese!  Some of these fragments are only visible in the Fuze+ menu. Other fragments are only visibl in Windows Media Player.  Some fragments can only be deleted in WMP, others only in Fuze+! Some fragments cannot be deleted at all!  File fragments that appear only on Fuze+, once deleted on Fuze+, magically reappear!  I must delete again!  Still these fragments return to the Fuze+ music library!

Whupdat?  After the first occurence, I updated the firmware, I reformatted the 32GB mem card and tried again!   After 2nd occurrence I tried a new 32GB mem card!  Probllem persists!  Can the Fuze+ 32GB mem card actually hold 31GB of data, or is 8GB all it is really capable of storing?  Thus far I have uploaded 8GB of music 3 thimes and all I have to show is garbage!


32GB mem card is a generic, type 10 card.

Help!  SOS!  Save Our Sansa!  I’m dying here!  I have lots of music that I cannot upload!

I actually bought 2 Fuze+ and 2 32GB mem cards!  Same problem with each!

What now?

@dutchw wrote:


32GB mem card is a generic, type 10 card.


I’m guessing that this is your problem. Class 10 cards ae designed for HD video cameras, not mp3 players.

As evidenced by many posts here and on other forums, Class 10 cards just don’t work well with these players. Class 4 is more appropriate and they work just fine.

If, in fact, the Sansa Fuze+ only works with a 32GB SDHC that is type-4 , SanDisk should state this in the specifications! Hopefully, switching to type-4 will end my woes, but I will be left with 2 type-10  SDHCs for which I have no use!  Not the ideal customer satisfaction situation!

Can you not return the Class 10 cards to where you bought them for money back, credit, or exchange for Class 4 cards?

Thank you for the solution!  Shame on SanDisk for not specifying class-4 32GB SDHC cards for the Sansa Fuze+.

Also, SanDisk should rethink offering Rhapsody as an interface product.  Rhapsody sucks, and when I called them for advice they said “We do not support SanDisk!  We only support iPod and Philips!”  SanDisk is certainly getting the short end of this collaboration.

Well, I am a happy guy!  I got my class-4 card and uploaded all of my music, about 29GB, with no problems!

Thanx again.