Fuze 8gb is no longer recognized by Vista

I have a laptop that runs Windows Vista and before today had no problems connecting to my Sansa Fuze 8GB. This morning I connected it and I got an error message from Vista telling me it did not recognize the device. My laptop can recognize all my other USB devices but it does not recognize the Sansa Fuze. The Sansa Fuze can’t even charge! 

I tried changing all the USB settings on the Sansa Fuze and that doesn’t seem to work. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure you changed the USB Mode to MSC? That’s usually the solution.

It could be Vista. It could also be a problem with the cord. Make sure you are connecting to a back port for more power.

It’s possible the driver got messed up. 

Connect the unit and go to Device Manager (in XP its via Control Panel/System/Hardware, might be different in Vista). See if there’s a yellow triangle under USB devices. Right-click on that and uninstall it. Disconnect the Fuze, reboot and reconnect, and Vista may reinstall a working driver.

You can also try rolling back Windows Media Player (to 10), because MTP drivers are in Windows Media Player.

But if it’s a bad cord, you’ll have to replace the cord. You can get a generic one for under $5 from Amazon. It’s the same cord as the E200 series. 

You are correct, it was the cord. I thought since an iPhone cord fit into the Sansa Fuze that it would work. Duh! You have to use the cord that came with the device

Thanks so much!