Fuze 8 GB = Great, Winamp = easy

I recently got a Sansa Fuze 8GB and it appears to be a great player! This forum is also great, as I’ve already received some great advice here.

I am in the process of loading my CD, MP3, & AAC Plus collection into it and I am using Winamp to rip CD’s, auto tag old MP3’s, and convert AAC’s to MP3’S. I have to do multiple steps for some of my media, but it is doing a great job! I am also starting to make some playlists, and it creates them easily in the PLA format that I think is best for the Fuze.

The only other program I need to use is MP3GAIN to normalize the volume of the files.

Thanks Sandisk and forum advisors,


 Winamp (Pro) is great. I’m in the process of creating a single, manageable library that works with my computer and my Fuze. I have many albums in .flac sprinkled in with my .mp3 library. I figured I’d just convert them to CBR 320 for listening and store the flacs away should I need them in the future. All I had to do was search “flac” in the bar, select all, then Send to>Format converter and output to same directory. Then I just searched my music folder for “flac” in Windows explorer, and cut/pasted all the files to a different folder, and compressed them with WinRAR for storage. I’m not sure if Winamp Pro uses LAME to encode (it does say “3.98” at the bottom-right corner of the conversion dialog), but it doesn’t matter to me.

 WinMP3Packer is another great tool. I did have some tracks under 128 VBR. It converted my ~300 VBR tracks to CBR (losslessly) in under 10 minutes. And it too, is incredibly easy to use.

 And, of course MP3Tag. I decided to use folder.jpgs instead of embedded art. Much of my art was larger than 600x600, and I didn’t need that much space taken up by redundant images. Once I exported the art to files and deleted the embedded images, I searched for all images in my music folder and used an image resizer powertoy to convert them all at once to 200x200, and set it to overwrite the original file.  

I’ve got this down to a science. :smileyvery-happy:

 Err…Hmm. I set it to output CBR 320, but it shows the bitrates jumping all around when I play the file. MP3Repacker doesn’t identify them as CBR either.

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