Fuze 4GB Won't turn on without being plugged in (battery seems fine)

Hi All,

I just bought a recertified 4GB Fuze for my mother a couple of days ago from a reputable online retailer.  It seems to be having some strange power issues.  I can only turn the device on if it’s connected to a computer or a wall outlet.  Once I disconnect the device from the wall or computer it stays on and funtions normally.  If I turn it off I am not able to turn the device back on until I plug it back into the wall or a computer.  This occurs no matter how long or short I have had the device off the charger.

So it seems the device’s battery and power switch is good.  But it won’t power on unless it gets a little extra help from the outlet or computer.

Any thoughts?  Did I get a dud?

Thanks in advance!


Send it back. Refurbs (or any variation thereof) are returned units (that usually have problems) and are given a spit & polish and then resold. In my opinion, they are rarely a bargain.

Right on.  I figured that would be the final solution.  Thanks!

my fuze4GB won’t download my music on my fuze onto my computer …

can’t put music from fuze onto computer.

How are you trying to move the music?  Can you see it in Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer)?  Try going to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and  try both MSC and MTP modes.

@judybarr wrote:

can’t put music from fuze onto computer.

If you use MSC mode, just drag and drop (or copy and paste) from one to the other.

If you use MTP mode and want to sync with WMP, start a new thread with a title that relates to your problem, (use the New Message button near the top left of the Fuze board), so that it will be more visible to people who may be able to help you (I don’t sync, so I’m not sure of that procedure!)

(If you’ve already tried this and it doesn’t work, give a few more details of your problem).  Hope you get it sorted! :smiley: