Fuze 4GB will not start up

My Fuse 4GB will not start up when I turn it on.  It will not start up when I plug it into the USB port on my computer (I’ve tried it on both my PC and laptop).  I’ve read several posts instructing to slide the power button up anywhere from up to 5 seconds to over a minute.  I’ve then tried to power up normally.  I’ve also tried the suggestion to slide the “Hold” switch down and press the center button while plugging into the USB port.  None of the suggestions have brought my Fuze to life.  Am I missing something else that I could do?  I’m new to this site, so if I missed something somewhere, please excuse my ignorance. 

had the same problem

FIX: plug it in to the usb cord then hold button in on position for 10 seconds. fuze should start up. and if not try a different cable