Fuze 4gb V2 random shutdown

Hello everyone,

I have searched all over this forum, and have yet to find a fix for the problem that I am having. Basically, while listening to podcasts (all in MP3 format) my Fuze will just randomly shut off. It doesn’t display the “goodbye” notice, the player just shuts off and will start back up just fine. I have tried everything I can think of and even the solutions to all the problems that are similar to mine. I’ve reformated the player and the memory card, tried it without the memory card installed, flashed every firmware update from .26 to .31 and even tried just playing with settings. None of it has done a thing. I just thought that I would put the question to the great minds on this forum before calling in to tech support. Thanks for any help you can offer! 


Do the podcasts start to play and then shut down?

Or do certain podcasts just shut it down, in a way that is repeatable?

Have you looked at the tags of the podcasts with mp3tag (search it)?

It could also be bad hardware news, like a loose connection somewhere. 

Yes, the player acts fine in every way. It will play podcasts and music no problem, until the point where it shuts off. As far a recreating the problem, it has this problem with everything, no specific podcast or file type seems to be the culprit. I am of of the same mind as you, sounds like hardware failure to me :cry: 

Oh well, I guess I will give it another day or two posted here, then call tech and see what they say. Thanks!


I just thought I should let you all know, I contacted customer support about the Fuze. They deemed it hardware failure and are going to send me a replacement. Thanks everyone.