Fuze 4gb got rained on...

My Fuze 4gb (red) got rained on and now won’t turn on.  When I hook it up to the computer, it recognizes the device and I can browse all the files in it, but nothing displays on the screen.  When I disconnect it and try to use it without the screen, it doesn’t work either. I popped the case thinking it was wet inside, but it seemed dry.  When I got it out of the rain (it wasn’t rained on long) it went to a blue wheel screen, then flashed between that and the music manager a few times, then shut down completely.

I just got it a month ago so I’ll probably take it back to the store.  Not sure what to do at this point though.  Anyone else ever get their Fuze wet?  Thanks!

Why should you take it back to the store? You broke it by putting it in a position that it would be rained on. There’s absolutely no reason to return it. Go buy a new one, you broke it, you should buy it.

Even the slightest bit of moisture left on the board could cause issues with the player working correctly.  Crossfeeding current into sensitive electronics could, of course, also cause irreversible damage.  It’s better not to even try to play it until you get it completely dry.  I’d say take it back apart and use a hair dryer to dry it out.  Try not to get too much heat on the player, though.  Good luck.