Fuze 4g

I have a fze 4g. I am using a 4g micro sdhc card with it. I know they now make a 16 micro sdhc card. I have been told by support on 2 different times that the 4g fuze will support the 16g card then making the 4g a 20g. Then I was also told by support that the highest I can go is 8g micro sdhc card. Does anyone have any experience with this that can offer some info?



A 4 gig Fuze will accept a 16 gig micro SDHC card, however until there is a new firmware to correct it and increase it to 8,000 songs(within the next 3 months), the player will only recognize up to around 4,000 songs total. If you use a bitrate of 128 kbps, it is easy to exceed the 4,000 song limit with 20 gigs of music. If you use a bitrate of 192 kbps or higher, and your songs are on average not so short, then the song limit may not be a factor. A bit of math. One GB holds around 18 hours of music at 128 kbps. If your songs average 3 minutes in length, then 20 GB at 128 kbps would mean 7,200 songs. At 192 kbps and 3 minutes average, it works out to 5,400 songs. At 192 kbps and a 4 minute song average, it works out to 4,050 songs. So if your songs average over 4 minutes in length, and you plan to use 192 kbps or higher bitrate, then go for a 16 GB card. If you plan to use 128 kbps and your songs tend to be short, then an 8 GB card would be a much better choice.

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Thanks, I have about 4200 songs and I would like to put as much on my fuze as I can. Most songs are 192 kbs but not over 4 minutes.

 I think it might be a good thing to go with the 16 and wait for the firmware to come out. I guess its time to look for a 16g card reasonably priced! I know the 8gs are going for about $20-$25. I have seen some 16gs for about $50. So thanks for the help!!