Fuze 2G

Ripped a normal music CD to WMP and a 5 disc Audio Book.  I then synced both of these to my Fuze.

  1. The audio book did not go into the “audio book” part of the Fuze even though the genre was set as audio book.

  2. Both the book and the cd play on WMP but will NOT play on the Fuze.  When selected on the Fuze they just scroll through the tracts without playing anything.

I then synced the music cd to my wife’s Fuze 4g and it does the same thing.


  1. The genre should be set to “Audiobook”
  2. To transfer licensed content the player should be in MTP mode. Go to Settings>System Settings>USB Mode, select MTP

What format are you ripping the audio CD and the ‘audio book’ to?

Just assigning an ‘audio book’ genre in the ID3tag will not automatically put it in the Audio Book folder.

USB mode was set to “auto detect” like it always has been.

Should this be changed on both the book and the music?

I have never had a problem with the music before?

Firstly, I don’t care for the Auto-Defect setting. It’s too confusing. It will default to MTP mode, but if it can’t make that connection, it will connect in MSC. But that isn’t what I asked. What ‘format’ are you ripping these in? WMA or MP3?

Sorry, I’m a newbie at this so you must type real s…l…o…w! :slight_smile:

Windows Media Audio Pro

Actually, the mis-understanding was my fault. Sansafix and I both responded within seconds of each other and I didn’t notice his reply. So you were answering him, and I thought you were responding to me.

Anyway, now that we’ve got that figured out . . . WMA Pro and/or Lossless is not supported; meaning it won’t work. If you want to use .wma format, fine . . . but it must be the regular garden-variety format. Or just use .mp3 which is more universal and trouble-free. :wink:

Thanks, I’ll try that and report back.

But if WMAP is not "supported why did the other 26 music CD’s ripped in that work?


I now have the music CD and 1 disc of the audio book ripped and synced to the Fuze and they are working. 

The book is still not showing up in the “audio book” folder. ie. home/music/audiobooks/empty



Is this going to effect the playback and order etc?

Playback order of audiobook parts seems to be done based on the id3tag’ed track numbering primarily. Audiobooks that are split into multiple parts consisting of several files, that restart the track numbering in each part will not playback in the correct order. The fuze will sort the individual files based on their tagged track number and then use whatever secondary sort property. Playing all files with track number ‘1’, then move on to ‘2’ and so on.

If you are lazy like me and want to avoid retagging audiobooks that do not follow a proper scheme you can always create a playlist to force the correct order of audiobook parts and then playback the playlist.