Fuza folder issues

hello, I have run into some problems after successfully using sansa for a week or so. It is a 4 gb red model

there are two problems:

If “folder view” on my player, NOT all folders are displayed that exist on device. I cannot find out why it is so. Say, if i upload upload a new folder with files now, it will not be displayed.

Playlists: I create a bunch of playlists with different names and songs. When I view them on the player, the playlists are still named correctly, but listed songs in every new playlist are ALL THE SAME, and these songs come from the last playlist i created.

These problems started occuring afetr about a week of using sansa. Before, everything was ok (ie all folders were visible, playlists contained correct songs)

I use windows explorer to work with sansa since its the fastest way to do things.

hope there s enough info in my post.

Try to check if your firmware is updated and if not try to update it;



Thanks for suggestion, firmware is latest. It doesnt make a difference.

Im wondering, do other people have this problem or people do not find folder browsing useful?