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Actually, it’s pretty standard for audio players nowadays–ID3 tags control.

I have the same problem with audiobook chapters - will not show chapters according to numbers in front of the title. Please do not tell me that I need to use special program to edit all tag numbers instead of just sorting chapters as they are - by numbers in the front of the title. This is the way audiobook chapters are showing on my computer and that is the way they should show on MP3 player. I bought dedicated MP3 player to keep everything simple - read books and play music. If you want to keep sorting by tags name, please add as an option sorting by number/alphabetical order.

To follow my previous entry, I downloaded recommended software on this chat for tag editing (MP3TAG) and checked tags for my audiobook,and first is the track number. On MP3TAG screen I selected option to sort by tag numbers and lo and behold all chapters were in correct sequence. I transferred that file to my Clip Sport and the same problem exists - chapters are some in order and some randomly dispersed. Any suggestions what to do?

Wha I had to do using mp3tag(awesome program been using it for years), is changed the actual title of the track, I added a number before each title. I can’t write much were I am but with mp3tag there’s an auto-labeling function and ends up like this:





Thanks to mp3tag the sport stayed with me, thou I am waiting for a firmware update to fix this labeling issue as I do no plan to do this with every album…

Thank you very much for that suggestion Apho0tik. I tried renaming the title by adding numbers in front of it as you suggested but correct sorting still did not work for me. I tried many different ways to change arrangements in tag, file name, track number but in no way I can get the right order of tracks. The sorting algorithm is a true mystery for me. Since I’m using player for audiobooks, such a problem makes player useless. I’m really disappointed in SanDisk because it is such a basic problem which should be noticed immediately if somebody actually bothered to load the book and check it. I hope as you said that there will be firmware upgrade soon fixing that problem.

There is another problem not related to sorting. If I try to delete audiobook from menu on Clip Sport, it will not do it. Only using computer I can erase file from Clip Sport.

Yesterday I tried to play FLAC files and I was supprised, player cant play it :slight_smile:

Please add support of FLAC in next firmware.

@serge732 wrote:

Yesterday I tried to play FLAC files and I was supprised, player cant play it :slight_smile:


Please add support of FLAC in next firmware.



Are the FLAC files you tried 16-bit, 44.1kHz? Anything higher than that will not play on a Sansa player.

FLAC is a supported file type of this product according to the sticky post at the top of the board. If your FLAC’s won’t play it’s likely the issue Marvin suggested.

Question: How often does SanDisk issue firmware updates?  I know these players have only been out for a few weeks, but the track order thing is very frustrating, evidently to quite a few people.  Is it likely we’ll see an update in the next few weeks or is it more likely a six month effort?

The work around is to edit the MP3 tag called TITLE.  Not the name of the file, the TITLE that’s only found in the mp3 tags.  You can change it in Windows by right-clicking one of the files, then clicking Properties ~ Details and typing in a new title in the Title field.  Do that on a few files and see if it doesn’t help.  You’ll want to use something like MP3TAG for more than a few files.

If you have three files with their Title tags set to Intro, Prologue and Chapter 1, they will play in order of Chapter 1, Intro, then Prologue.  It doesn’t matter what the file names are.  They could be 1.mp3, 2.mp3 and 3.mp3.  They’ll still play by what’s in the Title tag field.  Set the Title tag to 001 Title, 002 Prologue and 003 Chapter 1 and they will play in correct order.

My book is in 1,400 small mp3 files and the file name includes a sequential number because my car MP3 player plays files in file name order.  I misunderstood the Clip Sport problem and thought people were saying it played in file name order which was fine with me.  I now need to edit the tags on 1,400 files to get this player to play them in the right order.  Even playing them in Track number order would make more sense.  It wouldn’t fix the problem if you have more than one album in a folder, but it would be a reasonable thing to do.  Had I understood the problem correctly, I’d have looked for something else.  Please tell me there’s a permanent fix on the horizon.

Here’s another “enhancement”:  Evidently, only files in the Audible, Audiobooks or Padcasts folders are treated as audiobooks.  In Settings, you can change the speed of audiobook playback, but that doesn’t effect mp3 files in the root of the SD card.  Why not treat all mp3 files the same and permit slow, normal or fast playback regardless of which folder (including root or Music) they’re in?

I can’t wait until my Clip Sport arrives so that I can see for myself what’s up with the tagging issue.  I can’t help but wonder if what we’ve referred to elsewhere as “Sansa-friendly” tagging practices are all that is required. All my files have played on every device and OS I have tried, since I adopted those methods.


Tapeworm will know what I mean when I say “Sansa-friendly”…I just don’t want to recommend it to everyone until I try it for myself.

An m3u playlist also solves the problem without editing the tags.

the track order thing is very frustrating, evidently to quite a few people.

playing them in Track number order would make more sense.

I fully agree. I am terribly disapointed with this player right now :confounded:



I am an owner of each version of the Sandisk Clip. Along with just about everybody else, I find the Sport to be a huge step backward, and it’s very disappointing and frustrating. My main concerns are:

  1. the screwed up order of the songs.

2) the sport apparently does not support gapless MP3 playback.

  1. Playlists being limited to a single directory

  2. No consolidation of music between internal and external memory

I consider all these issues to be completely unacceptable. The Clip + and CLip Zip  do not have any of these issues. The good news for Sandisk is that with this awful new product, they will surely sell their remaining stock of Clip Zips quickly. Best Buy.com has them on clearance for $29.99, and amazon has the same price.

http://www.bestbuy.com/site/sansa-clip-zip-4gb-mp3-player/3029051.p;jsessionid=72F5DB50A1DED0856468579482919BDB.bbolsp-app01-126?id=1218373620544&skuId=3029051&st=clip zip&cp=1&lp=1


I agree with much of what you say, but think that part of the “confusion” is that many of us users assume that a new player in a line will be an advance over predecessors, while the Sport seemingly was not intended as such–rather, as a gym/sports-marketed branch with some enhancements for that purpose.

I’ve just purchased the Clip Sport (Firmware 1.09) as a gift. It’s nice, and I like the reasonable screen and controls. I’d like to note the following issues:

  1. Issue: Album tracks play only in title alphabetical order.

    Suggested fix : Allow play according to track number order.

     Workaround: Rename titles (using MP3Tag) to include track number: “01-name”, “02-another name”, etc.

  1. Issue: Hebrew album names are truncated to 12 characters. Emglih album names are not truncated, don’t know about other languages.

    Effect: If an artist has albums named “Greatest hits 1” and “Greatest hits 2”, both are lumped together as one big “Greatest hit” (12 characters), and play according to title (see bug 1).

    Suggested fix: Don’t truncate album names.

    Workaround: Rename albums. for example, “1 Greatest Hits” and “2 Greatest Hits”.

  1. Issue: If player is set to a non-Hebrew language, Hebrew names appear reversed.

    Scenario1: People who have Hebrew music but prefer English UI, since the Hebrew translation is not that great (me).

    Scenario2: People who have Hebrew music but are native Russian speakers (the intended giftees).

    Suggested fix: Decide on reading order according to name’s first directional character, not according to UI language.

Firmware upgrade being worked on, to handle 1 and possibly 2 (2 has been an issue in Clip firmware in the past–seems to be a Clip firmware idiosyncracy),don’t know about 3.

Can you guys implement a hold or lock keypad function?

Like maybe pressing the “Back+Select” keys together to lock and unlock the keypad?

I keep getting accidental presses which makes it very unusable.


I understand it’s in the works. Unfortunately, it may not make it in the upcoming firmware update, but possibly the one after.

How about a menu item in settings to be able to change the display background colors. 

That gold is ugly.  Would be nice to be able to customize it.