Fuse won't hold music or tags

When i have dragged and dropped the music, like i always have, i unplug the Fuse from the computer and check the songs and it has the names of the songs in the Fuse but no tags and the music counter reads 00.0 for time of song.  Even when the tags are listed after draging with the number of kbs in the file after draging  and dropping the files are empty after disconnecting.  When i reconnect the Fuse to the computer the files are there but have no tags and 0 bytes. 

Maybe i forgot a step i haven’t reloaded in a while but i have never had a problem with loading before this.

Any ideas?

Edit–This problem is with the external card or the Fuse writer so at this point any suggestions dealing with the external card having this problem are appriciated.  The card is holding and playing songs and can be updated with new songs but when those songs are choosen the Fuse just skips them.  When put back on the computer the files are there but with 0 bytes.  This has been tried with wave flac and mp3 files.  It also will not hold there tags so they come up as unknown artists.  Could the card need to be reformated or erase and reloaded from scratch, i hate to lose what is on there, it is 16 ghz.

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Well a few big Questions… What are you using to Tag? and What Kind of Files are you dealing with?

I have tried mp3 files and a flac file, i checked the tags on the file, they were both already tagged, one from the band i bought the flac from the other from the mp3 that the band provided.  I have used files from both of the sources and they are currently on my Fuse. It is not only the tags though, it is the new music that i have loaded, after unpluging all that remains is the name of the song basically, and even when plugged back in the computer that is what is left.

I did have a hard drive faliure and tried to copy the files on the fuse back to my new hard drive but when i tried to play them they came up that they wouldn’t play on my computer but they still are still on the fuse and play.  This is probably unrelated to the current problem but i thought i should mention it.

OK. There could be two things wrong. You may have bad files if you had a crash on the Hard Drive but the more obvious thing would be DRM. Did they work ever? It may be such a thing as you need to use a Software to transfer the songs.

The hard drive just died, power out.  It had happened to others of that brand.

I converted the an audio file of a cd that i bought just now to wave file and dragged it on to the Fuse.  When i went to check it the song again was listed but when i clicked on it it would go to the next song in the memory, when i went to the previous it just skipped over this song.  When i plugged back into the computer the song was listed with 0 bytes again.  Loading on it listed with all memory.  This is the external card that is holding memory so next i will try the internal card with the same new wave file, maybe the card or the writer to the external card is bad, but it still plays music off of it.  I just hate to delete anything knowing that i may not be able to reload. 

Okay the internal memory worked, so it has something to do with the external card or the Fuse writer…i have already taken the card out and put it back in and that didn’t work.  At least for now i can change the original 8 g. but i have for now lost the 16 g. card which is a bummer.  So any ideas for that?

Thanks for your time!

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