Fuse won't fully charge

i use the back port, tried them all, its gone to 41percent at its best. took over 13 hrs then i only get an hour out of it, with the volume halfway, tried this with it plugged in 3 plus times, same results


How old is it?  How often has it been charged? Eventually–though it hasn’t happened to my 13-month-old Fuze in hundreds of recharges–a rechargeable battery is going to stop holding a charge.

Either the battery is nearing its last meaningful moments …or something is wrong with your cord. If you know anyone else with a Fuze or E200, borrow theirs and see if it makes a difference. 

You might over charge the player you can try to drain the player and when it is totally out of charge you can try to charge it for 3 to 4 hours and try to check what happen and if samr thing happen contact sandisk tech support for your warranty. :wink: