Fuse will not open music files in converter

I am trying to add more music to my fuse, but I cannot open any music file in the converter, I tried drag and drop and that doesn’t work either.  This is what is going on, I connect my Fuse to my PC open the converter, and work though there to get my music - when I open up the file folder - it is empty! I can still receive my pix and videos… I’ve removed the software than re-downloaded loaded it, and still did not work!

Can anyone please help me?


You dont need to run your music thru what I assume to be Sansa Media Converter. Just Videos and Pics. Adding your music can be done a couple of ways,

1.Open your fuze thru my computer then in another window open the file with your music Find the files you want drag and drop them into the music folder.

2 Open Windows Media Player, or another similar program, and then use it to sync to your player