Fuse went blank, Help?

I use using some mp3 files from Ektoplazm.com, every thing was fine. I turned on the Fuse after a couple days of being off and the text was scrambled and some of the screen was fizzed out… So I hit the reset button, the next button after that set the whole thing to complete blank, nothing was available…

Is this a viral thing? What can I do about it???

This happened before, and the fuse came back on the next day after the power ran down. If it is going to need for the power to run down it will take a long time, because there was nothing playing.

I tried plugging it into the USB to charge it this morning, and no response.

You said you “hit the reset button”. Did you perform a complete reset by holdiing the power switch on the side in the up position for 20-30 secs, release and then switch it on as usual?

No,I had no idea that I should turn it off …after the reset botton?

so does that mean it’s ruined? or is that what I should do now???

I think I did do it  but only after the thing went blank.

I never did get any real instructions with this fuse player.

Again, there is no 'reset button". Are you sure you have a Fuze?

The reset procedure is as I described it, by using the sliding power switch on the side of the unit, moving it to the uppermost position, holding it there for 20-30 secs., releasing it and then pushing it up again momentarily to turn it on as you normally do. Sometimes in extreme cases, it’s been known to require holding it for up to a minute, but that’s rare.

This procedure is described in the Fuze User’s Manual on page 11 that you can find here. Try doing the reset and see what happens. If it’s still wonky, you may have to format it or re-apply the firmware, but I doubt that it’s ruined.

You should also take a look at those files you added. Maybe they have a lot of junk in their tags–the electronic labels that are part of the file–that’s making the Fuze crazy.

Get mp3tag  (free) at http://www.mp3tag.de/en/

When you install it let it add itself to context menus (a choice during install).

Go to the folder with your new files, or to one of the new files, right-click on it and choose Mp3tag to open it. . Highlight the file. Are there long Comments? Delete them. Is there an image inserted? (It will show). To remove the inserted image, go to View, Extended Tags and hit the X on the right side. A big image can make the Fuze stall.

Yes I have a nioce red one that I got when they first came out…the screen got scratched in a metal box that I keep it in.

Well the power ran down and the thing went off, so I could start over agian. This time I turned it off just as you said and it worked fine after tuning it one agian.

Now that I see there is an owners manuel I will get it.