Fuse thinks videos are music and screen goes white (Turning it off won't help)

Hi, my Fusehas a problem I have been able to solve a few times but now I just can’t. When ever I turn it on It shows a video but it shows it in a music format. I can get to the menu but then when I try to go to something else the screen goes white and the it shuts itself off.

I had a similar problem, too.  I ended up connecting my Fuze to my computer, and deleting the offending video.  The next time I turned on the Fuze, it couldn’t try to resume playing it. 

Hope it works for you!

What is the file format and where did you get the video? did you transfer it using sansa media converter? if yes try to convert the video first to MP4 or AVI using Any Video Converter ( http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/ ) and after that convert it using sansa media converter. :wink: